• 30 Mins | 30 Days Activity Challenge

    30-30 lofo

    30 Minutes | 30 Days Fitness Challenge

    What if you and your family + friends got in 30 minutes of intentional exercise or movement every day?  A group of families in the Millard Fillmore 4-H Club is putting the challenge out there for the month of February + a few days : ) 2021 for the sake of health, wellness, and warding off the winter/pandemic blues.  Register here and you will be sent a link to the tracking form.  Those who submit 30 daily reports will be entered into a drawing for local prizes sponsored by the Moravia - Locke Chamber of Commerce.

            1. "REGISTER" - in order to track your progress.  Note, to be eligible for prizes you must have a valid e-mail address and a local (Moravia school district) zip-code.  
            2. "DO" - 30 minutes of intentional exercise for 30 days - (February + a few days).  While there are many options for exercise...a few fun options from our 4-H club members are below.
            3. "TRACK PROGRESS" - Check-in daily to the Google form.  Need a printable calendar to keep track?  Printable PDF
            4. "ENCOURAGE" - Encourage your team-mates to get on it, check-in with them, help them feel good about healthy choices.  30 minutes isn't a lot...but it does involve a little get-up-and-go.    

    When the challenge is over, we'll loop back to you to gather your thoughts and suggestions.