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    xxx title here xxxx

    Introduction: xxxxxxxx

    At the end of this module, the student will be able to:

    • Insert learning objectives here

    This content of this module was prepared by xxxxx Contact xxxxx at xxxxx@cornell with any questions.


    Successful completion of this module will earn you X recertification credit for New York State DEC certified pesticide applicators in categories XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. You must be logged in and working in the course activities for a minimum of X hour to earn the credits.

    If you are certified in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or West Virginia, visit the the state specific information page at the PMEP Distance Learning Center to confirm approval and recertification credit value for this course.

    If you are certified in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, or Connecticut, the regulatory agencies in these states have approved all DLC courses and awards the same credits as New York.

    Credits are earned after you've:

    1. Signed the roster.
    2. Completed the pre-test.
    3. Viewed and studied the course content.
    4. Successfully completed the post-test.
    5. Clicked on the certificate link to print and/or save your temporary certificate of completion. This step also notifies PMEP that you've finished the course.
    6. Spent the minimum required time working in the course.

    PMEP will send the official certificate to you via US Mail once we've confirmed all course requirements have been met.

    Please be sure you've signed the roster!

  • Step 1 - Sign the Roster

    Click the COURSE NAME Roster link below to sign the roster. Enter your name, contact information, certification ID number for the state(s) you wish to receive credit for, and your signature. If you are an apprentice, enter the word "Apprentice" in the Certification ID space. Please be sure to click the "Save and View" button to save your entry.

    Note that you only need to sign the roster when you begin a new course.

    Not signing the roster will delay sending you your official certificate.

  • Step 2 - Take the Pre-test

    Please answer all the questions in the pre-test. The pre-test is not graded. It provides a baseline measurement of your knowledge of information in this course module. (You'll be asked the same questions in the post-test.) You must complete the pre-test before moving to the course content.

    Add your pre-test here!

    • Step 3 - View and Study the Course Content

      This section hosts the course content. Edit this text to provide an introduction to the content.  If needed, more topic place holders can be added to the course for more content.

      • Step 4 - Take the Post-test

        Click on the link below to open the post-test. You must score at least 90% to qualify for recertification credits. You'll have as many tries as you need to achieve a 90% score. You may go back and review the module content to find the correct answers.

        Add your post-test here!

        • Step 5 - Course Completion Certificate

          After you have completed all the course tasks (signing the roster, taking the pre-test, studying the content for the minimum required time, and scoring 80% or higher on the post-test), you must click the Course Completion Certificate link below to finish the course. When you click the link, you can save or print the temporary certificate. (The official certificate will be mailed to you.) Clicking the link also notifies us that you've finished the course.

          • Course Evaluation

            Please help us improve this course by clicking on the "Course Evaluation" link below and answering a few short questions about your experience.

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