Topic outline

  • Using Moodle for Projects

    In this 3 part course, we will cover the basics of Online Learning Design, and participants will create or work on a course of their own. No prior experience needed, but coming with ideas of a project to develop will make this more useful. Work will be required in between sessions.

  • Week 2 - Adding activities to a Moodle Course

  • Sample Moodle Structure for a Topic

    Introduce topic in a succinct way.  If you have topic objectives (no need to call them objectives - base this on your audience) - list them here clearly.

    In this activity (or topic or week) participants (or 4-H members, or 4-H leaders) will:

    1. x
    2. y
    3. z

    Note that you can add images here.  Small icon images could be useful in helping your audience key into your topic.

  • Week 3 - Tidying up Topics + Sharing

    • Team 1 (Melanie, Jen Clancey + Renee H) - Volunteer Orientation

      How are you guys doing?

    • Team 2 - (Linda G, Marilyn, Cindy) - How to Develop a Project

      How to start a cat project.

      • Team 3 - (Tamara + Kelly C) What is a 4-H Club?

      • Team 4 - (Chrys, Carrie + Abigail) - Ways to be involved as a 4-H Volunteer

        4-H is an exciting opportunity to engage youth.

        Horse Education Events Volunteer conducts Horse Bowl practice

      • Team 7 - (Kandis, Eileen + Kayela) Produced in NY 1

        • Team 8 (Nate, Mingla + Lisa) - Produced in NY 2

          This material is for students to learn about food systems from farm to plate and beyond (waste management) and build up the knowledge and skills to participate in the Produced in New York competition.

        • Team 9 - (John B.) - Youth Climate Summit

          • Topic 10 (Kate, Catherine, Anna, Megan) - Public Presentations


          • Topic 11 - (Kat) - Computer Science/Hour of Code

            Resources and Ideas how to create a computer Science program in your county

          • This topic

            Topic 12 (Tammi, Courtney, Sasha + Elaine) - Livestock Contest


          • Topic 13 (Kelly A) NYS GIS/GPS Leadership Team

            This is a Virtual Statewide Club with members from several counties and run by State Leads, Kelly Adams, Charles Malone and Susan Hoskins. We meet once a month to do a zoom and send youth tutorials to work on in-between.

          • Other options you might want to include:

            - - video forum - popular with K-12 - participants can leave 1min 30 sec responses to your questions 

            - - quiz game - popular with students and adults