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  • CCE New Staff Orientation

    Staff who feel confident

    CCE's New Staff Orientation is intended to help you to get to know our organization, resources, and tools for success.  This is not intended to be a one time, 20 minute online resource. We would like for you to work your way through it over your first few months, reviewing content as needed.  

    You will notice each section below has check-off boxes for you to record and monitor your progress.  As each section is completed you will receive a badge.  Once all sections are complete you will receive a New Staff Experience completion badge and your supervisor will be notified of your success.  

    As a staff member, you will continue to be a part of the New Staff Orientation Experience (receiving notifications of professional development opportunities for New Staff) for two full years.  

    If you are attending NSO On Campus, be sure to register for those events, find descriptions and due dates, and the latest agendas on the New Staff Orientation On Campus course page

  • Topic 1: Welcome & Introductions

  • Topic 2: Understanding Our Organization

  • Topic 3: Policies & Procedures - an introduction

  • Topic 4: Support from Extension Administration

  • Topic 5: Personal & Professional Development

  • Topic 6: Connecting to Campus

  • Topic 7: Expectations for CCE Programs

  • October 2019 - New Staff Orientation On Campus

    Not available unless: You belong to October 2019 NSO On Campus
  • November 2019 - New Staff Orientation On Campus

    Not available unless: You belong to November 2019 NSO On Campus