Topic outline

  • General

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the Financial Literacy portion of your Employment Education program.

    This course will cover the basics of keeping good financial records and understanding life skills.

  • Understanding Needs vs. Wants

    We all have wants and needs.  Some are very basic and others are big dreams and wishes.  A need is something you have to have in order to survive.  A want is something that enriches your life, but isn't required.  Needs and wants can be different for different people because each person's situation may be different.  What one person considers a want may be someone else's need.

    Understanding the difference between needs and wants is very important in understanding how to manage money. Everyone needs to evaluate their needs and wants in order to prioritize how their money is spent and to stay out of debt.  If you learn to manage your money well, you should have what you need and can save for those things you really want.

    --My Financial Future - A Financial Literacy Curriculum

  • Budgeting Basics

    • What's in a Paycheck