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Pesticides can enter the body through the skin, the eyes, the mouth, and the lungs.The most common cause of pesticide poisoning for applicators is through skin contact. Some pesticides enter the body through the skin quite readily. Concentrates can be especially dangerous. Some parts of the body absorb pesticides extremely fast and need extra protection. Two such areas are the head and the scrotum. Most of a pesticide spilled on your skin is absorbed in the first few minutes. If any pesticide is spilled on you, wash it off immediately. It is best to avoid direct contact with pesticides by wearing the proper protective clothing. The pesticide label will tell you what protective equipment is necessary.

Goals of This Chapter

  • Understand the importance of personal protective equipment worn during pesticide application.
  • Understand why there are different fabrics and materials used to protect applicators and how they differ.
  • Learn the importance of and method for layering protective clothing.
  • Learn the basics of respirators and their use.