The USDA defines a 'small farm' as any farm business with annual gross revenue of <$350,000, and defines 'beginning farmers' as farmers with less than 10 years of management experience. Our courses are generally targeted at these 2 audiences, though small farmers with more than 10 years of experience may find information of use to them in our 200-level courses. Read the 'target audience' section of the course descriptions very carefully before signing up for a course, to make sure it is going to meet your expectations for content level.

Have sheep or thinking about getting a flock? Producers of all experience levels will find something for them in this lively, wide-ranging course. There is no one right way to raise sheep – just a palette of options for you to choose from, to suit your farming objectives and lifestyle. Taught by experienced sheep producers and Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, this course will cover many different options, and strongly encourages active student participation!