6-part workshop series: Recipe 2 Market (R2M).

Farmers and local aspiring new food business entrepreneurs have the chance to take advantage of accelerating their concepts. Our first five classes are virtual workshops led by experts across the field. Electronic handouts, case studies, and video tutorials will assist in creating a better understanding of the many parts of a value-added food business. Our final class will complete the series with the practice of product storytelling and a lab tour of the commercial kitchen.

Sessions are ALL on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 8:30 

WEEK 1 – FEBRUARY 24: Food Business Basics| Introduction to R2M

WEEK 2 – MARCH 3: Business Planning & Cost of Production

WEEK 3 – MARCH 10: Recipe Development & Food Safety

WEEK 4 – MARCH 17: Preparing Your Recipe - Kitchen Safety

WEEK 5 - MARCH 24: Marketing & Distribution

WEEK 6 - MARCH 31: Tell Your Story | Commercial Kitchen Lab (In-Person)