The Program Development Leadership Cohort is an experience designed to build the leadership and program development capacity of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) program development and leadership positions. 

Educational programs are the product for CCE.   PDLC helps educators plan programs that consistently hit the mark, showing personal and community level impact.  Through this experience staff participants will grow confidence and competence in designing, delivering and evaluating local programs and training those that they supervise to do so as well.  In this course staff will use program design models for planning, engaging local stakeholders, writing program proposals, and articulating plans to others.  

CCEPDC 1000   Program Development Leadership Cohort

CCE Program Development Leadership Cohort (PDLC) is offered annually. PDLC an in-depth learning experience for senior level program staff participants from across the state. PDLC is focused on strengthening program planning skills, inclusiveness/diversity practices, evaluation and connections with colleagues. Next Program will run November 2017 - March 2018.  Applications (annually) will be due 9/15. Questions? Contact