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What is Organic Gardening? This course explores the Why's and How's of organic gardening.

This course introduces garden design for homeowners and beginning gardeners wishing to enhance their personal surroundings.

Permaculture Design: Design Practicum

This is only for testing purposes

From code to craft makes use of introductory tools such as Scratch and littleBits in order to develop digital and computational literacy. These introductory tools provide a foundation for continued development and learning that flows naturally into technologies such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, the Processing programming language and more. In addition the name of these sessions – ‘From code to craft’- emphasizes the connection between abstract processes such as computer code and the tangible world.

FACTS ABOUT this Module: This module is approved in New York for 0.75 Core recertification credit. You must be logged in and working in the course activities for a minimum of 0.75 hour. The credits are earned after completing the Pre-Test, reading and studying the content of the module, then successfully completing the Post-Test. The last thing is to click on the certificate function. A temporary certificate generated. An official certificate will be mailed to you.

Goals of This Module

  • Understand the life cycle of bed bugs and how they appear at each life stage.
  • Learn the basic biology of bed bugs
  • Learn about bed bug behaviors that affect control

A look at all the aspects of IPM methods for sweet corn in the Northeast.

Biological control is the use of natural organisms to help us control pests. These helpful organisms can be insects, bacteria, fungi, and others, but this module focuses on insect biocontrol.

An evolving web-based online course that explores issues related to digital literacy.